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Intensive Course

Intensive Courses are the fastest and most effective way to pass your practical driving test!

Semi Intensive Course

Semi-intensive courses provide a proven and balanced way to learn to drive. Unlike traditional driving lessons…

Beginner course

Beginner courses are available nationwide through Pass Expert. If you are new to all this and have no idea where to start
Rear view of mid adult teacher pointing while woman parking car

Refresher Course

Refresher courses are available for existing drivers or for those who are still learning the ropes.

Useful Guides

You can apply for your provisional license once you are 16. You will be able to find the application form

DVSA Links

With long waiting times for tests we can find you a test sooner! Book your course now

Fast Track Test

Fast-tracked practical tests are almost impossible to find these days. If your unsure who to speak to or where to look,

Theory Test Pro

You can apply for your provisional license once you are 16. You will be able to find the application form

Automatic Courses

Automatic Courses are increasing in demand in the UK. Approximately 40% of cars being manufactured now

Sat Nav

Sat Nav’s have been around for a while now and since 2017 the DVSA included Sat Nav usage within the test.

Tomorrow’s Driving

In our fast-moving world, it’s hard to keep up with the changes. Technology is improving the quality and efficiency

Central London Experts

As a national company we understand that everyone is unique. No where in the UK is more multicultural

Diverse Needs

As driving has become a necessity to many of us, the driving industry has evolved massively over the years.


Personal Service

With intensive courses and crash courses being so popular, there are a few companies

What Could Go Wrong

If you are looking to learn to drive for the first time you might be wondering what could go wrong?

Honest Company

If you were to ask most intensive driving course companies employees what their main role is you would hear


As a learner with little experience or someone who has never driven it’s sometimes difficult