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Honest Company

If you were to ask most intensive driving course companies employees what their main role is you would hear them say “Sales”. It’s all about the numbers of bookings and as this is the case as a potential customer you must be careful. They may not have your best interest as their main motivation.
As Pass Experts owner and as the driving force behind everything that we do I can say that we do care. We genuinely fear unhappiness and although we are off course a business, so money does matter. I do believe that it’s happy customers that fuels every course. We are still only a
small company but we now have a collection of reviews on trustpilot and google.
The Pass Expert journey has only started and we have a long positive way to go. We focus on crash courses for cars only because we want to get it perfect before we increase our portfolio. We are an honest company.

Honest Company

We try avoiding lying to get you to sign to a course because not only is it morally wrong. It also leads to things going wrong as you can imagine. We believe it’s important to have trust and this is important in a customer vs business relationship.
We are not perfect and we can’t always arrange a course exactly how you expect. We do however have a high success rate in arranging courses and also in passing our customers. We are an honest company and we can arrange crash courses as intensive courses or semi-intensive courses.

We are an honest company and we spend time making sure that we have hard working and trustworthy instructors. All of the instructors we work with are grade A or high grade B which means that there is more chance that you will be taught well and pass your test. 

professional, honest and efficient using effective and up to date teaching methods.

If you are looking to book with an honest company choose Pass Expert. You can call us on 03302220009 to book or why not book online? We are currently offering a discount for online bookings.