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frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of faq(frequently asked questions) that are most popularly asked to help you. If you have a question not listed below then please feel free to email us and we will reply within 24 – 48 hours.
Who are Pass Expert?
Pass Expert is an online solution, a one stop shop for anyone who wants to be able to drive in the UK. We handle it all for you so all you need to concentrate on is driving. All you need to do is choose a course package and we arrange everything for you and fast track it all (if required). Our team are experts in booking intensive or semi-intensive courses.
Is Pass Expert on Facebook?

We are currently on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube and are working on incorporating social media platforms into the framework of our business.

Could you tell me where Pass Expert is based?

We are a UK based company, with our current main head office located in Burnham (Buckinghamshire)

How do I know if Pass Expert provides courses where I live?
We are proud to be one of a only a handful of companies who are nationwide. We want to be able to help you pass your test whether from Aberdeen, London or Bournemouth. As long as you have a registered residential address in the UK we will be able to help make learning to drive easy for you at Pass Expert.
How can I book a course through Pass Expert?

You can call us on 03302220009
Email us at
Or you can fill in our contact form. Also you can talk to one of our team live chat 7 days a week

What makes Pass Expert the company to choose?

We are passionate about what we do and we translate that passion into every aspect of our company. All our staff are highly trained specialists so we know the industry like the back of our hands. This successful formula is down to a mixture of highly qualified grade A and B instructors, well timed courses, high quality cars and much more. Read into our reviews to hear some of the fantastic feedback. We have also been fully dedicated to what we do since before covid.

What if I have hours left and don't have time to use them up in time for my test?
It might be possible to get a refund on the hours that you have lost out on if you didn’t manage to fit in all the hours for your course. Alternatively, we will be able to put these towards a Pass Plus course for you if you choose to do so.
How much is a semi-intensive course?
The semi-intensive courses are priced the same rate as our intensive courses. The only difference will be how you structure your course hours with your DVSA approved instructor.
Can I add more hours once I have my course booked?
If you feel like you chose the wrong course and would like to upgrade your course for more hours, please speak to one of our support team ( we can usually do this for you. Please note, it is not possible to downgrade your course under any circumstances.
What do I get if I were to book a course with Pass Expert?

All our courses include a DVSA grade A or B approved driving instructor, home pick ups, (if possible)- a practical test in the last hour of your course, online theory test support (if required) and a fast track practice test. If you are interested call us on 03302220009 to find out more.

I don't understand what an 'Intensive Course' is and what the benefits are?
An intensive course is geared towards getting you to learn as much and as fast as possible. We normally recommend keeping your lessons at between 90 minutes minimum and 6 hours maximum per day and you’ll take lessons on a few days a week as a minimum. It is also possible to go for a semi-intensive course, which will allow you to have more flexibility, but at the same time not lose that momentum and therefore with both intensive or semi-intensive you will progress fast.
Could you recommend the best course for my circumstances?

We have a range of courses, each suiting learners of different experience levels and abilities. They range from Refresher courses to Beginner Courses. If you have any questions call one of our team and they can help you to choose the course which best suits your needs. Call us on 03302220009. This will give you a chance to decide what course would suit you. Once you have chosen your course you will have the chance to have an assessment lesson in the initial hour of your course and this will provide valuable feedback. After your assessment lesson you will get an opportunity to upgrade your course and you will not be charged for this as we understand that it's not easy to know what course is best for you without having a specialist assessment first.

Can I take an Automatic test through pass expert?
Manual or Automatic courses are both available through Pass Expert.
Do I need to save an hour from my course for my Practical test?
That's right, your Pass Expert course is structured so that it will be conclude with the practical test. For example if you have booked a 42 hour course, you will have 41 hours of lessons and then the 42nd hour will be for your test. We recommend that you save at least 2 hours (including the test hour) for your test day due to the fact that most of our instructors will require this.
Do you do weekend only courses?

Yes, if you are busy on weekdays then it may be possible to take your course on weekends only. You would need to mention this to one of out team when booking.

Is it a requirement that I carry out the course intensively?
No, we aim to be as flexible as possible and its up to you how you would like to plan your driving. Although intensive courses are what we specialise in, we understand that with busy life it may not be possible to find the time to complete your course as an intensive course. We put you first and go at your pace.
Do you offer guaranteed pass?
We currently do not provide any guarantees with any of our current range of courses. We do however have very high pass rates and your chances of success will be increased through taking a course with Pass Expert. One of the reasons how we do this is that we will match you up through a series of optional questions to the most suitable instructor for you in terms of eg availability, preference and personality etc. Check our reviews page to hear our recent successes
Can I be picked up from home or work?
Yes, our instructors will be happy to pick you up from any place that has been confirmed in advance. Please ensure that you provide your instructor with the address/post code for the pick up location. Our aim is to put you, the pupil first and we will always attempt to accommodate your preferences, if possible. In some circumstances where your pick up address is outside our maximum range we will notify you before you book.
If I need more lessons before my test, will I have time?

Generally yes, but this will depend on the instructors availability.

Are there any hidden fees that I need to be aware of?
No, we ensure that are prices are totally transparent and there are no hidden fees. We will provide you with a breakdown of payment if required. you may need to pay for additional services during your course if you agree to, for example paying for another theory test as a separate test.
Which payment option do I have?

You can book any of our courses by paying the £150 deposit. This can be done via the website or by giving us a call and booking over the phone.

What are the course prices?
We have a number of options available to suit different needs and requirements. You can see all of our course prices by clicking on We have a course to suit you, whatever your needs.
Are the prices inclusive of the practical test fees?
Yes, your practical test fee, which we book on your behalf, is included by default on all our standard course prices.
Do your prices include everything I need?

Our prices  include the cost of all lessons and one Practical test only. If you add the Theory test on the options, one theory test will be included in the course price.

Is it safe to pay by debit or credit card on pass expert?
Yes, we ensure that all payments made are secure and our payment services all comply with current PCI guidelines. To learn more about payment security click here.
How soon are you able to find me a test?
Pass Expert are experts in finding fast test dates which could be within days, instead of the months that you could potentially wait through the DVSA’s standard waiting times.
What do I do if I have special requirements for my test?

If you have any special requirements call us on 03302220009 and our team member will look into whether its possible for us to help you get a license.

Do I need a theory test certificate to be able to book a course with Pass Expert?
No, you can book a course through Pass Expert if you have not yet passed your theory test and we can book your theory test for you as part of your course. All you need to do is to choose the theory test option when booking your course or mention it to your booking specialist over the phone.
If I already have a practical test booked can I cancel it and do a course through Pass Expert?
Correct, you can either keep your test date as it is (we will need to check the availability of instructors in your locality for your current test date). If we aren't able to find an instructor for your current test date, one of our specialists will be happy to help you change the date to a sooner one.
Is it possible to take a Saturday or Sunday test?
It's possible to take a test on Saturday at many practical tests centres, although the chances that we will be able to find you a weekend test will be significantly lower. If we manage to find you a weekend test, you will be required to pay Pass Expert an extra fee of (£13) to secure this test date.
Can you book my theory test for me?
If chosen, for £35 we can book your theory test for you. this will provide you with 1 attempt at the theory test and if unsuccessful you can also rebook a separate theory test though pass expert by calling 03330129185.
I need to book an extended practical test, can that been done through Pass Expert?

We may be able to offer extended tests through Pass Expert. If you have an extended test please contact one of our team members on 03302220009 before booking to discuss.

Will you book my test exactly when I want it?
Although we are unable to give exact dates upon booking, Pass Expert guarantee that we can beat standard DVSA waiting times for practical test bookings. We will always try to find a test date and time that suits your preferences. We can not fast track theory tests, however we will also manually look for the best available theory test and on many occasions we can find a cancellation for you.
What if am unsuccessful in my theory test?

If you fail your theory we can book another theory for you for £23 per additional test.

Can you provide help with my theory test preparation?
Yes, we offer free unlimited online access to theory test pro for our customers. If you have booked a course through Pass Expert and have chosen the option for theory test required we will send you details on how to get started with theory test pro. Theory test pro provides practice for the multiple choice and hazard perception elements of the test.
What car will I be learning in?

All of the DVSA approved driving instructors we work with use modern cars fitted with dual controls, that all comply with the DVSA’s requirements

Who will my instructor be?

We work with a team of driving instructors who we have hand picked because of their experience, DVSA grade, pass rates, and reviews. All of the instructors we work with are grade A or B and fully qualified approved DVSA registered instructors. We will provide your instructors ADI number for verification purposes before you start your lessons with them.