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Semi Intensive Course



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Semi Intensive Course

Semi-intensive courses provide a proven and balanced way to learn to drive. Unlike traditional driving lessons, which can be slow paced you will be booked in with regular lessons. You’ll naturally stay motivated and won’t feel like you’re moving backwards as is the case when taking irregular lessons.
With a semi-intensive course you can still prepare quickly without having to compromise on work or family commitments. You can arrange daily 2-3 hour lessons or can choose to take 4-5 hour lessons on weekends. Suited to you if you are looking to learn fast, but can’t get the time off work. These courses provide a great mix to suit most people.
With a semi-intensive course you will constantly be spending time on gearing towards your practical test date. You’ll be working on roundabouts, manoeuvres and when you’re ready you’ll be tested with mock tests. Everything will be well structured by your fully DVSA approved driving instructor.

So why choose a semi-intensive course with Pass Expert?..

Along with the standard benefits of semi-intensive courses already mentioned above, Pass Expert courses include further benefits. This is because we know that for your best chance of success you need the right instructor.

Don’t have the time for an intensive course? Does a semi-intensive course sound right for you? You can book a course online anytime or call one of our helpful team members by calling 03302220009 today!

In theory, every instructor will teach how to drive safely, effectively and how to prepare for your practical driving test. However, as you’ll be spending hours of your valuable time with them it’s important that you get along with them! We take this element seriously and we will not only find you any instructor. We will match the ‘right instructor for you’. You will get an opportunity to speak to your instructor and ask them any questions before booking with them.