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Tomorrow’s Driving


Tomorrow’s Driving

In our fast-moving world, it’s hard to keep up with the changes. Technology is improving the quality and efficiency of our driving every year. It won’t be long before we are seeing flying cars as the normal way of getting around. In this guide, we will have a look at today’s driving world and how tomorrow’s driving might evolve.
With electric cars becoming more and more popular, it may not be long before they are the default option. So how does tomorrow’s driving look?
Are diesel engines going to be filtered out slowly? Will the Government implement more taxes or bans on the higher emission petrol vehicles? How quickly will we see electric car prices go down?


Driving Courses


So what about tomorrow’s driving schools?..

The answers to these questions are still uncertain. What is clear however is that today, we are most likely going to experience huge changes. Whatever these changes are, they will clearly influence the driving school industry. Electric cars are now popular choices for many of our driving instructors. So what about tomorrow’s driving schools? And how will the practical test be influenced?
We have already seen many technological advances in the driving test. With the introduction of the Sat Nav and examiner tablets to mark you on your tests. Tomorrows driving test might be one with only electric or hybrid cars. This is a realistic change but we have a while to go before this will happen.
What about automated technology? Will self driving cars take over the need to have a practical test? We may have fully autonomous cars by 2021 and we may have a separate driving test for self driving cars.
Whatever changes we see Pass Expert promises to keep up with tomorrows driving. But for now we offer a range of 9 courses. All of our courses can be booked online and help is always on hand with our live chat service.