Diverse Needs

As driving has become a necessity to many of us, thedriving industry has evolved massivelyover the years. Vehicles now have smart devices anddesigns to make being able to drive apossibility almost anyone.

As humans we all have different abilities. In termsof learning to drive these differences varysubstantially. The scale of ability is one that doeshave opposite extremes. Some of us will findlearning to drive is as easy as a duck learning toswim. However, others will struggle greatly.From poor coordination to severe inability to staycalm in the cockpit thes are all problems thatwe understand. As able minded individuals we all havediverse needs and abilities.

If you suffer from dyslexia we can help you with preparingfully for your theory test by arranginga voice over. We can also arrange for someone to sitwith you to help you and help read out thequestions for you. If you suffer from anxiety andif this is the case we can ensure that we notethis information. You will be treated in a way thatwill minimise the risk of you having abreakdown whilst driving.

If you have a physical or mental learning difficultywe also have specially qualified motabilityinstructors. These instructors are fully tooled outwith the latest technology and knowledge tohelp maximise your chances of success. All of ourinstructors are fully DVSA approved and aregrade A or high grade B. This means that they havehigh pass rates and are proven at whatthey do.

If you have a specific diverse need or disabilityand would like to learn to drive call us on 03330129185. We may be able to arrange a course foryou. If you have a specific question wealso provide a live chat service available 7 daysa week.