Automatic Courses

Automatic Courses are increasing in demand in the UK. Approximately 40% of cars being manufactured now have an automatic gearbox. Automatic cars are also becoming more refined and fuel effective and so driving schools are now offering more automatic courses.

Currently about 20% of courses available are automatic courses. Therefore prices for these courses are higher than manual courses. But with no gear stick to worrying about you won’t need as many lessons to become test standard. Some might be put off from choosing an automatic course as they limit you to an automatic gearbox only. At Pass Expert, we offer Automatic courses nationally and availability for these courses is on the increase. We can fast track courses so that you won’t need to wait months to start and get on the road.

Passing the practical test in a manual vehicle will allow you to drive both manual and automatic cars. However, manual cars can be tricky to get the hang of and this can also knock your confidence. Having a full (manual) license is a must for some because you will still notice mostly manual cars available. If this is the case for you, feel free to book a manual course where availability is generally better.


Intensive automatic courses are available nationally with Pass Expert. If you don’t have the spare time to make it intensive, why not choose a semi-intensive course? This way you’ll still have time to go to work and do the shopping. Feel confident with Pass Expert as our pass rate for automatic courses is above 85%.

You can easily book an automatic course by calling us on 03330129185. You can also book online here. If you’re still undecided speak to one of our experts who can plan the best course for you.

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