As a learner with little experience or someone who has never driven it’s sometimes difficult to gauge how many lessons (link to courses page) you may need to reach test standard. If you want to pay for a course up front, this is an especially important decision. Eg too many hours and you may end up getting upto test standard with ten hours left of your course or too little and you will not have enough time to get prepared for your upcoming test.

Being able to self assess your driving ability can be impossible due to factors outside of your control such as not knowing what is needed of you, or feeling unconfident on your own (needing another pair of eyes to give you some assurances). After booking your chosen course we will encourage you to book an assessment lesson before confirming your final choice of course.

A course assessment is a 1 or 2 hour first lesson booked for you soon after you have paid your course deposit. This will be taken by a DVSA approved driving instructor. In the assessment your instructor will assess your driving level and ability. As an expert this instructor will be able to provide a realistic judgement on your level using their experience to estimate how many hours you may require to get upto test standard.

Following your assessment, your instructor will provide you with the amount of hours you will require as well as summarise your driving. He may provide you with what was good about your driving and also may provide constructive criticism to help you know what you may have not done well. You will also be able to assess the instructor to make sure that you’re happy with them. You can then make your own decision on what you would like to do next..

You don’t need to take a course assessment. You may feel that it’s not for you if you think that you already clearly can see what course seems to be the one for you. If you decide not to have a course assessment, it is important to note that the DVSA recommends that a new learner driver will take around 40 – 48 hours of professional tuition with an approved driving instructor to get upto test standard.
If you only have limited experience, it’s important that you are clear that you must be realistic about how much tuition you will need. You need to book the course that best meets your needs and not just book the shortest course. Booking the right course through pass expert ensures you will stay cost effective and will be in the best place to pass first time.

After you have completed your course assessment you will be provided feedback from your instructor. This feedback will help you decide whether your chosen course is still the best course for you. You may decide that the course you initially chose did not provide you with enough hours. If this is the case we can upgrade your course to a longer course for you.

We understand that as you may be spending upto 50 hours or more with your chosen instructor you need to be comfortable with them. If for any reason you are unhappy with your provided instructor we would be able to look at changing your instructor. If you decide that you would not like to proceed with your course after your assessment lesson then you can let us know. We only want our customers to be happy and don’t believe in forcing customers into anything!