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Sat Nav

Sat Nav

Sat Nav’s have been around for a while now and since 2017 the DVSA included Sat Nav usage within the test. The technology now comes as standard already built into most vehicles and mobiles. When used correctly and within the law, they are effective at their purpose. We no longer need to waste time using maps as more often than not Sat Nav’s out plan us.
More of us now use Sat Nav’s to get around than ever before. This is why the Sat Nav now plays a pivotal part in the practical test. For at least 20 minutes (half) of your test, you will be instructed where to go by computer. Your examiner will assess your ability to drive safely as well as your ability to follow the Sat Nav’s instructions.
Sat Nav

When Sat Navs are not used correctly !!!!

they can be dangerous to both yourself and other road users. This is why it’s important to understand the rules and the law regarding their usage. You can find out more on the site. Sat Nav’s are also prone to making mistakes so it’s important that we stay alert whilst using them.
To start learning to drive call one of our experts on 03302220009. We have beginner courses and refresher courses. All of our instructors are fully trained on how to effectively teach Sat Nav usage so book now!
4 out of 5 practical tests will include the Sat Nav. To prepare yourself for this element of your test you will be provided with training and practice. This is included in all courses and you’ll be assessed on your ability to follow the Sat Nav directions. Our instructors are trained for the Sat Nav part and will carry out mock tests with the Sat Nav section within this test.